UGR 2018 Social Council Awards

Portada de la noticia: Premios del Consejo Social de la UGR 2018.

On Thursday 21 March, at 12 noon, in the Rectors’ Lounge of the Royal Hospital, the Awards Ceremony of the Social Council of the UGR was held, chaired by Gregorio V. Jiménez López, President of the Social Council, with the participation of the Rector, Pilar Aranda Ramírez; the Councillor Secretary of the Social Council, Antonio Romero, and the President of the Awards Evaluation Commission, Javier de Teresa Galván.

The Social Council Awards reflect, since their first call in 2002, their aspiration to involve society in the activity and potential that the University of Granada has in the generation and transfer of knowledge as one of its main assets, recognising the efforts made within the University itself, on the one hand, and from society, on the other, to establish institutional or business communication links that encourage the use of resources generated by R&D&I in the University, thus contributing to the economic and social development of our environment through a constant and growing transfer of knowledge.

The candidatures failed by the Plenary of the Social Council in its different modalities have been the following:

  1. Award of the Social Council of the University of Granada to the trajectory of young researchers:
    • Area of Social and Legal Sciences, Arts and Humanities: Mr. Manuel García Luque
    • Area of Sciences, Health Sciences, Engineering and Architecture: Mr. Alejandro González Martínez
  2. Social Council Award to departments, university institutes, research groups and units of excellence of the University of Granada that are especially distinguished for their work of knowledge transfer or activities in this area carried out with companies and institutions: Instituto Universitario Carlos I de Física Teórica y Computacional.
  3. Social Council Award to the training activity given by the University of Granada in an on-line modality that is especially distinguished by its development (Official, Own, Permanent Training, or Open Mass Course on the Net -MOOC-): Open online course (MOOC) on “Fundamentals of Computer Science” coordinated by Dr. D. Alberto Prieto Espinosa.
  4. Social Council Award to companies and institutions that stand out especially for their contribution to the transfer of knowledge, or activities of the University of Granada: Conecta13, Educación y Desarrollo Profesional S.L.
  5. .

  6. Social Council Award to companies, institutions and social organizations that are especially distinguished in actions in social areas or good social practices: Caja Rural de Granada.


SUBJECT: Awards ceremony of the Social Council of the UGR.
DAY: Thursday 21 March.
TIME: 12 hours.
PLACE: Salón de Rectores, Hospital Real.
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