iC1 is organized following the “Reglamento de Régimen” approved (in its last edition) by UGR’s Government on June 27th, 2005, in which the following structure is established:

Director: chosen by the Institute Council, he holds representation and performs direction and general management of iC1

Secretary: chosen by the Director, attests every agreement of the governing bodies of iC1 and ensures the promotion of the institutional work between its members.

Government Comission: it is the “Comisión Permanente”, helps the Director in its functions and acts as a scientific commision, economic comission, and executive comission of the Council. It’s formed by the Director, the Secretary, the Research Groups Coordinators and an administrative personal representative.

Institute Council: collegiate body of the government, it’s made by every member of iC1, who are to be attached by the Government Council of UGR and an administrative personal representative.


Associated Administration and Services Staff

M. Carmen Fajardo del Castillo

Jose M. Martín
Computation specialist Technician