The American Institute of Physics (AIP) has just issued this book in which members of the Carlos I Institute give a fresh scientific perspective of the brain and penetrate the essence of mental functions such as memory, intelligence and consciousness.

Profs. Marro and Torres get ahead in establishing precise links among complex systems we call “brain” and “mind” and simple, familiar concepts in physics such as “phase transition” and “criticality”. A scenario then follows where lively issues in science — scale invariance, correlation, noise, emergence, attractors, chaos…— become significant to understand strategies of the human brain during its formation and maturation, and dynamical details of the highest mental attributes.

Taken together, this provides grounds for a modern and convenient portrait of our brain, which has motivated this book presenting dispersed and sometimes hard to find topics. It is for graduate or close to graduation students in physics, biology, applied mathematics and medicine, as well as an excellent resource for practitioners and those curious about recent advances in neurosciences. See for details.