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Steven Weinberg: fields, symetries and multiverses

Cartel de la Conferencia: Steven Weinberg: campos, simetrías y multiversos.

Speaker: Prof. Manuel Masip, Theoretical and Cosmos Physics Department, Universidad de Granada.

Steven Weinberg, who passed away last August 23rd, was the dominating figure in the field of theoretical physics for the last 60 years. He is the father of the Standard Model of elemental particle physics, an achievement for which he was recognized with the Nobel Prize in 1979. His way of presenting and solving fundamental questions, his understanding of the role of symmetries in the description of the subatomic world, and his capacity to explain in a clear way have shaped the character of many generations of physicists. Weinberg has also been the first to anticipate the crisis that was about to ambush the field after CERN’s LHC experiment, pointing the new way that particle physics and cosmology could take. In this talk we will be discussing his main contributions, and also some of his opinions about science, history or religion.

Day: friday, 28 of January of 2022
Time: 12:30
Place: F-1 classroom (Faculty of Sciences, Physics)

The conference will also be in an ONLINE format, through the following link: