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Effective theory in particle physics: drawing maps of future discoveries

Cartel de la Conferencia: Teorías efectivas en física de partículas.

Speaker: Prof. José Santiago, Theoretical and Cosmos Physics, Universidad de Granada

The last great discovery in particle physics took place 10 years ago in CERN (Ginebra). Experiments with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) made it possible to observe the Higgs boson for the first time, completing the experimental confirmation of the standard model of particles. Said model is able to reproduce with astounding accuracy all of the observations made in particle physics experiments and gives us a detailed description of the behavior of matter at the smallest distances ever explored. However, some physical phenomena that the standard model is unable to explain, like the existence of dark matter, the mass of neutrinos, or the fact that the universe is made almost entirely of matter instead of antimatter, show us that there must be new physics further ahead of the standard model. The particle physics community, both theoretical and experimental, is making great efforts to try and discover what can that new physics be. The possibilities are almost endless and the calculations required to confirm or disprove a particular model are of great technical complexity.

In this talk I will discuss how effective field theories allow us to reduce the number of possible models of new physics, and also the complexity of the involved calculations in a way that allows us to draw the maps of future discoveries of particle physics, despite the fact that the nature of said physics is still unknown.

Day: Friday, April 1st, 2022
Time: 12:30
Place: F-1 classroom (Faculty of Sciences, Physics)

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