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Protein polimerization models in the scope of neurodegenerative diseases

Cartel de la Conferencia: Modelos de polimerización de proteínas en el ámbito de enfermedades neurodegenerativas.

Speaker: Prof. Juan Calvo, Applied Mathematics Department (UGR)

Protein polimerization processes play an important role in many scientific fields. In this talk we’ll present different quantitative models, both discreet and continuous, to describe said processes in the scope of neurodegenerative diseases. There have been attemps to use many of those model families to determinate the most plausible reaction outlines based on the available experimental observations. We’ll discuss said models’ mathematical properties together with possible calibration strategies for them.

Day: friday 12 of November, 2020
Time: 12:30
Location: F-1 classroom (Physics)