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Master’s Degree in Numerical Simulation in Science and Engineering

Portada del Master Universitario en Simulación Numérica en Ciencia e Ingeniería.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a simulation platform that covers all steps of the modeling workflow, from defining geometries and material properties, to establishing physical equations that describe specific phenomena, to solving and post-processing models to produce accurate and reliable results. It is a powerful and recognized professional tool in the field of science and engineering, and is used by engineers and scientists of any specialty, regardless of whether they are working in industry or in public research organizations.

Numerical simulations are commonly used in many areas and problems, such as Heat Transfer (conduction, convection or radiation), Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetism, Structural Mechanics (linear and non-linear materials, vibrational analysis, shocks and impacts), Chemical Engineering, etc. This master’s degree will prepare the attendee to develop R+D+i simulation projects in a multitude of industries and research centres.

MUCOM trains the student in the use of COMSOL Multiphysics® software, covering all points of view, both theoretical and practical. The MUCOM master presents an excellent training opportunity on this tool of common use, and connects directly with the current professional activity in Sciences and Engineering, contributing at the same time some knowledge of undeniable value in the academic curriculum of any engineer or scientist.

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