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The meaning of confinement

cartel Glazek

Ponente: Prof. Stanislaw D. Glazek, Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw

Confinement of quarks and gluons as constituents of hadrons will be discussed using the intuitive terms that reflect theoretical features of their quantum dynamics. Beginning with the discovery of quarks in high-energy electron-proton scattering, moving on to the development of quantum chromodynamics with its asymptotic freedom, infrared slavery and formation of gluon strings, the modern relativistic Hamiltonian formulation of quantum chromodynamics will be presented as a means for further study of how it may be that quarks and gluons appear to be nearly free inside hadrons but one cannot separate them physically as individual particles.

Día: Viernes 19 de Mayo de 2023
Hora: 12:30
Lugar: aula F-01