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Its not a bug, it’s a feature: How I learned to love quantum theory and not worry about Schrödinger’s cats, Wigner’s friends, and Einstein’s God

Anuncio de la charla
Ponente: Prof. Michalis Skotiniotis, Departamento de Electromagnetismo y Física de la Materia (UGR)


Over a century has past since the discovery of quantum mechanics and whilst scientists, philosophers—and nowadays youtubers—still argue about the interpretation and philosophical underpinnings of the theory, an entirely new and promising technology exploiting quantum phenomena is starting to emerge.  Over the coming years (and even decades) we are expected to witness a “technological revolution” that promises to transform our everyday lives:  everything from our  computing capabilities to drug design, imaging, and energy harvesting.  In this talk we will take a small tour de force on quantum technologies, outlining what they are (and what they are not) and what they can and cannot do.  In doing so, I hope to provide you with a clear and honest view of the potential of quantum technology, its prospects over the next coming years (particularly here in Spain), its the main goals and challenges, as well as the current research efforts in the Quantum Computing and Thermodynamics group at the University of Granada.


Día: Viernes 28 de Abril de 2023
Hora: 12:30
Lugar: aula F-01